Serving Size Comparisons


9 thoughts on “Serving Size Comparisons

  1. I cant imagine limiting myself to eating single servings, as an an athlete it would probably lead me to malnutrition. Especially with junky foods like Doritos, limiting myself to such small amounts would be unbearably cruel to my taste buds.-Garrett Kloth

  2. Yup I’m definitely gonna be 200 pounds by the age of 30. Being in dance every day for at least four hours a day I eat sooooo much! I couldn’t even imagine eating that small of an amount. -Joslyn Davis

  3. soo, im pretty sure i eat 3 times the serving size…i cant have just a taste, ive gotta have the whole thing! go big or go home..
    -McKenzie H.

  4. i feel like nobody really eats perfect serving sizes like that. i know most people would definitely eat WAY more!

  5. I’m sure no teenager looks at the serving size, but I’ll probably be over 300 pounds if i eat like this when I’m an adult. I will have to exercise every day if i still have the same eating habits

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